Zundert Plant B.V.

We have 9 hectares where we grow a wide range of half-standards in open ground and in containers suitable for garden centres and continued cultivation.

Zundert Plant B.V. originated from the takeover of Boomkwekerij Marcel van Nijnatten & ZN B.V. (Zundert) by Pertop Plants (Etten-Leur) and Betuwe Plant B.V. (Opheusden). The existing cultivation activities of Pertop Plant and Boomkwekerij Marcel van Nijnatten & ZN B.V. have been continued at Zundert Plant B.V.  and are supported by Betuwe Plant B.V.’s commercial activities. With the years of experience these companies have and by bringing together disciplines, knowledge and experience, we have a strong basis for future growth and continuing to build our expertise. 

Jeroen Pertijs is the first contact point for sales, which is supported by Jac van Nijnatten where necessary.  Jac van Nijnatten is always closely involved, directly and indirectly.  Also from Opheusden, we work closely with Jeroen to continue to serve the customers as well as possible. The daily (business) leadership of Zundert Plant B.V. is in the hands of Jeroen Pertijs (formerly of Pertop Plants) and with his years of knowledge and experience, we guarantee high quality greenery products.

Would you like more information or to contact us? 

Zundert Plant B.V.
Oekelsebaan 14
4881 NG Zundert
+31 76 597 2779

Zundert Plant B.V. is, together with Betuwe Plant B.V. (supplier for garden centres), Gelderplant Export B.V. (all-in-one greenery exporter) and Betuwe Boomkwekerij B.V. (open-ground grower) part of the Betuwe Groep B.V.