Our customers

From espalier trees, avenue trees and fruit trees to half-standard trees, columnar trees and ornamental trees. The trees are available in various shapes and sizes. Whether you want a cube, cylinder, block, sphere or cone shape, Betuwe Plant has a tree for every garden. There is good reason countless domestic and foreign companies call on our family business. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your enterprise.


As a garden centre, gardener, auction, web shop or wholesaler, you want a wide range of products for your customers throughout the whole year. With trees from Betuwe Plant, you can be sure of this. We purchase trees from around the world, but we primarily grow our own rootstock. To do this, Betuwe Plant has more than 10 hectares of avenue trees growing in containers and 25 hectares of trees in the ground in the Betuwe region and 12 hectares of half-standards in Zundert. With this, Betuwe Plant can provide you with the widest selection of trees.


Garden Centres

Of course you want to offer visitors to your garden centre the best, year round. Whether trees for a small garden, topiary standards, ornamental trees, fruit trees or avenue trees, Betuwe Plant offers an extensive range of trees and cultivars that exceed your customers’ expectations and add value to your garden centre.

With our own transport service, you can rely on careful and smooth delivery. You can also choose cash & carry: browse and pick up the trees you want to offer in your garden centre yourself. Choose trees you can present in your garden centre directly. All this comes at very competitive prices. Learn about the possibilities with no obligation.