Working method

Whatever purpose you have in mind for your trees, you can always trust Betuwe Plant’s expertise. We approach every project or assignment as a new challenge where your wants and needs come first. We don’t just listen to you, we also advise you about possibilities and any impossibilities. However, the word ‘no’ is rare in our dictionary.


Have you made a choice from our extensive product range? We then take care of collecting the products. This may be at our main locations in the heart of the Betuwe region, or one of our other nurseries in the country. Each product prepared to be visually attractive and is presented with the necessary information. Almost every tree has a specially developed label or photo tag for optimal attention value. Betuwe Plant can also provide special racks that, among other things, are equipped with special irrigation systems. For example garden centres can use these to present the trees optimally. 


Betuwe Plant is constantly innovating and investing in display materials with high attention value. With the right packaging and protective materials, trees from Betuwe Plant are also well protected and weather resistant. And the delivery time? This is as short as possible. Depending on the season and product range, you can expect very fast delivery. No matter how quickly you want to receive the trees, our team is ready. We enjoy helping you to think of solutions. We have a variety of delivery options available. For instance, we have our own truck with a crane.