Betuwe Boomkwekerij B.V.

Betuwe Boomkwekerij B.V. is an open-ground grower. Specialised in 2xv to 5xv avenue and park trees and a wide range of multi-stem trees. 

Betuwe Plant B.V. is part of the Betuwe Group. Betuwe Plant is an important supplier of (container) trees for customers like garden centres. Aside from Betuwe Plant, Gelderplant Export BV, Betuwe Boomkwekerij BV and Zundert Plant BV are parts of the Betuwe Groep. Gelderplant Export BV is an exporter of everything related to greenery. Betuwe Boomkwekerij BV is an open ground nursery. Zundert Plant BV is a container grower and open ground nursery for trees and half-standards.