Betuwe Plant’s standard product range consists of over 500 species of trees and cultivars. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Consider park trees, columnar trees, topiary standards, trees for small gardens, half-standard trees, ornamental trees, fruit trees and hedge elements. Aside from high quality products, our customers benefit from excellent terms of purchase. For all greenery products, we adhere to the highest standards of efficiency and presentation. This has contributed to more than 90 per cent of our customers staying with us since the beginning.

The Netherlands has been the beating heart of the tree nursery industry for decades. Aside from trees we grow here, Betuwe Plant purchases specimens from around the world. For instance, part of our product range comes from Italy. Betuwe Plant also offers special specimens from Israel, for example. Betuwe Plant develops most of the shaped trees in the Netherlands. All our products are delivered in a container, grow bag, with a root ball or with bare roots. 

Sustainability is a high priority for Betuwe Plant. Not only when it comes to the relationship with our customers and employees, but also within our product range. Our O₂Tree concept is an example of this. O₂Tree is an innovative label that responds to the increasing demand for sustainable alternatives. Here is a selection from our product range:

Topiary standards/half-standards

A topiary standard or half-standard is an tree that is grafted to a rootstock. These trees are excellent for any garden. Although the stem diameter gets thicker every year, it barely grows in height. Betuwe Plant has a variety of topiary standards in its product range. Trees with different characteristics and qualities.


Trees for small gardens

For small to large gardens, trees are indispensible in any garden design. They not only provide privacy, but also create a sense of depth. Furthermore, trees are a necessity to create a healthy living environment. Betuwe Plant has a variety of trees in its product range to suit small gardens. Take espalier trees, columns and spheres, for example.


Avenue trees

The name says it all: avenue trees are those that often grow along boulevards, roads, lanes and streets. Common species include beech, oak, birch, plane and elm. But what is common to all avenue trees is that fruit or thornless cultivars are usually preferred to reduce nuisance. To give an avenue tree a characteristic shape with a branchless stem, branches need to be pruned away for the first ten to fifteen years.


Espalier trees

Espalier trees can be used to make the most beautiful partitions, for example to create shade or privacy. The trees have a special shape created by training the branches horizontally. Espalier trees do not take much space. Because of this, they fit in virtually any garden. Among others, our product range includes evergreen and deciduous espalier trees.


Multi-stem trees

Multi-stem trees are characterised by branching of multiple stems from the ground. This type of tree is very eye-catching and often has unusual shapes. This makes multi-stem trees a good choice in spaces with an open structure. There is good reason multi-stem trees are increasingly used in gardens and parks.