A tree for every garden

Betuwe Plant has the largest selection of trees in Europe. Our product range includes over 500 different species. From hydrangea standards to eucalyptuses. And from evergreen bay laurels to colossal cork oaks. We have the right tree for every garden or landscape. Are you looking for a special product? Let us know. We can also provide trees that we can rightly call true design pieces.

Betuwe Plant delivers trees in Benelux and beyond. We have long-standing intensive collaboration with Italy and Scandinavia. With nurseries at different strategic locations, we are also able to offer a solution to any problem. Our carefully selected trees are delivered with a root ball, grow bag, container or with bare roots. What can we help you with?

Grown in-house

The Betuwe landscape is the backdrop for many trees and tree nurseries. The light alluvial soils and heavier clay soils are excellent for effective tree cultivation. It is not for nothing that this region is precisely where the Betuwe Plant company started cultivating trees more than two decades ago. Today, the company is also active in other areas, each with a specific soil type with unique characteristics.

On one hand, Betuwe Plant is the nursery for seedlings to be put in containers. On the other hand, the family company also produces live plants for other growers within the Tree Centre Opheusden association and beyond. This is because Betuwe Plant understands that good communication and cooperation form an important basis for the continuity of the company. Not only do we create beautiful products together with fellow growers, we also work closely with customers and suppliers.

The company now has many years of cultivation experience. For instance, we grow both avenue trees in containers and avenue trees in the open ground. We don’t do all of this alone, but with a team of experienced specialists. These specialists have passion and love for the craft and for greenery, and mastering the art of cultivation to the finest detail. Betuwe Plant is a leader in specialised cultivation, part of which is computer controlled. This involves using ingenious technologies in the area of irrigation, fertilisation and measurement, such as pH.

Why Betuwe Plant

  • Extensive product range
  • Always a solution
  • Innovative trendsetter
  • Eye for detail
  • Personal and friendly 
  • At home and abroad